Journaling-Captain’s Log Stardate Day 27

The move to being a part-time New Orleanian has been a blast, and so far a great decision. I’ve been journaling, and thought I should publish a few entries so interested folks could see what nonsense Ive been up to,

Today’s entry:

A rainstorm, starting early in the morning and lasting through mid-morning, was an unusual way to start the day. I hung around the house til noonish, and then went to the hardware store. I bought a pour over coffee vessel that looks a lot better on the shelf than the Mr. Coffee. I also got pieces and parts to seal the gap in the air conditioner window, and fixed that in a quick project. I walked over to the Roberts store, still very impressed. It will change the whole experience in the neighborhood for me, with a full service gourmet grocery the same distance as the convenience stores. I then walked over to the fancy liquor store on Decatur past Esplanade to buy a bottle of Scotch, and was invited to a winemaker’s talk Thursday at 5, a Santa Barbara winemaker whose name I did not know.

On the way back up Frenchmen, I stopped in the Spotted Cat for a couple of songs from a guitar playing male vocalist. I went into the bike shop across the street to buy a helmet that I could try on, and found a cool matte black one. I’ll need to sticker it so I’ll recognize it when it gets stolen, and so it looks awesome.

My dad called while I was in the bike shop and we had a nice talk. He is getting a new puppy, and seems to be doing well otherwise. He agreed, having had several places over time, that it would be better to not rent it out if possible.

I hung around at home waiting for the coffee table Craigslist guy, and got some computer errands done. I bought Pelicans tickets for Sunday, first row upper deck. It will be my first NBA game, and should be fun! The Pelicans are in the playoff hunt and are playing the Utah Jazz, a natural rivalry. I also subscribed to the Athletic, a sports journalism magazine. I researched window shades, and am thinking I’ll order some soon. The fancy ones are over $200 a window, and I am not sure what you get that is worth the difference between $50 and $229.

The table guy called, and said he would be an hour, so I went for a po-boy at Buffa’s, and chatted with a two separate groups of Canadian women also on extended snow-birdy visits.

The table guy showed, and it is a Walmart quality table, with some dings and scratches, but it will do for now. I am thinking that we can make this place shine with a few key pieces, and don’t want to rush those. Ill be looking for curtains that will be semi permanent, and lamps for bedside and living room that could be permanent or not, and cushions. I think next on the list is dishes.

The table arrived just in time for me to run across town to see the Flogging Mollys, but I decided not to go out. Tomorrow is another day!

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