A full bite of the apple

Another great day in New Orleans as St. Patrick’s Day approaches. I started out in the park and Envie, and on the way home stuck my head in David’s Found Objects, a antique/junk shop on Decatur. I bought a lamp with a butterfly stained glass shade for the bedroom and a froittoir board, which is the washboard with shoulder straps that zydeco musicians play, not a sex toy. I saw the same lamp in a gallery for $500, and got this one for $100.

I took the bus to mid city, going through some really beautiful neighborhoods along Esplanade towards City Park. I went to the used furniture store and bought a large framed mirror for $30, and ubered it home.

I walked up to the hardware store to get a light bulb for the new lamp and a heavier picture hook, and stopped in a bar I had noticed near the hardware store on Burgundy for a beer on the way home. I was attracted to the place because I had walked by it several times and seen the bartender polishing the brass door plates. Cleanliness is not a big priority for a lot of the local watering holes, and thought the attention to detail might be a good sign. The bar has no outside signage, and as I sat down in the nearly empty bar, I saw that the name of the bar was Rawhide, and was pretty clearly a gay bar. The posters on the wall were advertising “bring your gear night” with harnesses encouraged and floggers optional. I think I will pass on that event.

I hung the mirror, and installed the curtain hold-backs. As I was finishing cleaning up from those projects, the pans I ordered arrived via UPS, and dishes arrived via USPS. We now have an almost complete kitchen!

I walked towards Frenchmen Street, trying to get to Snug Harbor for a sandwich before the line formed for the early show, but ran into Chris and Cecile and sat with them on the porch as the sun set. I invited myself to their St. Patrick’s Day. I got to the restaurant just as they opened the doors to the music room, so got kind of stuck in the busiest time of day at the bar. Okay, but not what I had been anticipating.

As I left, I saw that Little Freddy King, a blues player of the Buddy Guy generation, was playing at 10 at dba. I walked through the Quarter, and the crowd was a bit rowdier than the daytime crowds. A very drunk college age girl stumbled into me, and gave me full package check. I haven’t been groped by a sorority girl in 30 years. Luckily her friends pulled her away, giving me the eye roll of apology, and I still have my wallet.

I went back to dba, and sat at the bar next to a guy named Keith, who was the development director at WWOZ for the twenty years pre-Katrina. The band all knew him, and stopped and chatted as they walked through to the stage. It was fun to connect with the musicians a little bit.

Little Freddy put on a great show of guitar based electric blues, with a bass player, drums, and harp. Definite good flashbacks to Chicago music and a headliner I will look for. I sure took a full bite of the apple today, and the weekend is just starting!

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