The House Tour

I’ve been setting up our little place in The Big Easy, crawling all over town from pub to pub, looking for good stuff. Someone has had to make the sacrifice.


2B0E3C52-3196-4C7D-948C-0F3931F0438ABedroom with bathroom art.714296FC-FE29-4657-A83E-24A00715EC9FA mirror, and curtains!015DFC57-B6F4-45B1-A2FC-AA022D2FF6DB

The living room with a new lamp.D8D06DA1-CBB5-40B5-9A93-52565CEEAEE8Curtains, chairs, and a trumpet.80B4DD9F-32BE-41C1-A6E0-6E47A897C4A0Dining.EC9263CB-C512-41FA-BD6C-78123B33A435Entry corner. Cooking is basically magic, so we need some voodoo. 82C8C33B-DD0E-4295-9104-A3E217D5D7DDKitchen with pots and everything.


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