3D6A4443-778A-4E61-B49E-DD5C16D9956BI was hoping that the fried chicken box was part of the costume.


There was an ectomorph convention at the pool this morning. Most swimmers I see are relatively normal shapes, leaving the tall skinny people to running and basketball. There were three women swimming this morning who combined were probably 18 feet tall and 320 pounds. Not the usual Craig crowd.

Halloween is a big deal in the city. I took the camera for a walk during the day around the French Quarter, with the thought of a “Street clothes or costume?” photo collection. It is fun that folks dress for the day in what pass for costumes elsewhere.  I got to wear two costumes today-cargo shorts and a loud Hawaiian shirt with my large camera for the daytime stroll, and the Baron Samedi outfit at night. Voodoo tourist or something.  

The best costume idea I saw was a stuffed bird attached to a bike helmet with a gooey eyeball dangling from its beak, and the person wearing a bloody eyepatch. Gross but cool. 

I went to a Thriller-themed flash mob dance exhibition at Armstrong Park. There were elementary and middle school groups in costume participating along with professional dancers. There was a great Khal Drogo and a spectacular Avatar outfit worn by some of the adults, and lots of zombies. The kids in costume were cute, especially those young enough to get fully in character. Let’s pretend was out of control in a good way. I think I got beat up by a Power Ranger about 3 feet tall. 

It seemed like every tourist in town was taking a ghost or vampire tour. A regular day sees a several walking tours every couple of blocks, but on this holiday they were everywhere. I took refuge in the Voodoo Lounge on Rampart. A good spot. A redfish po-boy at Buffa’s rounded off the afternoon nicely. 

The costume worked out, but I clearly was thinking it was going to be 50 degrees not 80. A tux with tails, a vest and a hat made for a warm walk. The melting eye makeup actually added to the effect. The boneyard walking stick was a hit, but the epoxy job on the skull failed almost immediately. Back to the drawing board. I walked with Margo to Tujague’s for an excellent old-fashioned. The bartender squeezes the orange peel into the glass before he builds the drink, and uses very little sugar and no cherry. A spicy and good version. 

I walked through Jackson Square past a voodoo show or ceremony, and got a look from the guy playing a real Baron Samedi. He might actually believe it. It felt like walking past the convent in a nun outfit. 

I wandered over to the original Johnny White’s to visit with Susie for a bit and watch the Bourbon Street crowd. Jody was continuing her ten day bar crawl, and I was introduced to J.D., who apparently owns/owned a string of bars in the Quarter. Confusingly, especially after a couple of hours of Halloween evening, his dog is named J.R.. J.R. was very interested in the bones, but was polite for a while, then began pawing at my leg. Clearly I did not get the point by him just sniffing at them intently. After a bit I wandered down Bourbon. I got lots of compliments on the bones, and paused several times to watch folks. I was photographed a couple of times and didn’t even ask for tips. I got a real drink at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, learning from experience to pass on the purple drank. 

I went to Frenchmen Street via Decatur and L’Envie. Iced Irish Cream coffee is pretty tasty for a sweet drink. The gutter punks on Decatur liked the bones. I’m thinking that I might have inspired some creativity.  

Frenchmen was absolutely packed with people. The costumes were heavily Day of the Dead and mermaids, with assorted superheroes thrown in. All of the venues seemed packed with zombies, so I just stayed on the street. An informal brass band marched with “the Krewe of no Krewe” down the street, so I joined the second line. 

Cecile and Chris were on the porch as I walked past, and I stopped by. They are in town for just a few days to do the funeral for Cecile’s sister, and are headed back to the beach for a week or two. She talked about selling her house and moving to the beach, and suggested that we sell our place and buy hers. It does have a porch…. I got home to folks in the courtyard with tiki torches drinking beer. A good end to a long night.


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