A couple of guys hanging out in the neighborhood.

I feel a little tired after a crazy three weeks with lots of family time, food, and music. It was fun to explore around the city and state a bit with first Deanna, Stef and Rosalie, the Abbotts, and ending with Deanna and the start of Carnival, but I am thinking two solid months of partying might be a bit much.

We had some excellent meals, both family meals in Shreveport and some fine dining or at least unique Louisiana restaurants. I might not eat again. An incomplete list:

Cane and Table

Brennan’s for brunch

Commander’s Palace for Jazz Brunch


Prejean’s in Lafayette

Lazyone’s in Natchitoches

Guidry’s Fried catfish





Turtle Bay for pizza

La Boulangerie

Excellent cocktails from some of the best bartenders in the city:

Carousel bar



Tujagues-mike and Melissa

Finnegan’s courtyard

Molly’s at the Market

This is a music city, and we tried to get out every day to see some live music. Some standouts:

John Papa Gros

Alexy Marti

John Martin trio


Walter Wolfman Washington

And of course the 12th Night parade-beginning of Carnival to end the Christmas holiday season and begin Mardi Gras. Harry’s Corner and the Abbey proved to be excellent places to run into friends and watch the parade go by.

Now it is on to house projects, refreshing the bathroom with a new vanity and accessories, and getting ready for the Boys Trip to Puerto Rico and points east and south.

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