The Mystical Krewe of Barkus

The day was perfect for Barkus, sunny and mid-60s. I walked with the Touro Street crew along Royal, feeling seriously under-hatted, so I purchased a pirate hat for the day and a positive addition to the costume closet.

We wandered over to Johnnie White’s, awaiting the parade. Most spectators had dogs, and it was quite a thing to see so many city-mannered dogs in one spot. I did see one stressed out pup, shaking like a leaf from all the people and the noise of bands, but most dogs seemed to be adjusted to the almost insane level of activity.

The parade theme was The Big Bang Theory goes to Comicon, so we got to see all kinds of science fiction and comic book outfits on the people and the dogs. I loved the reactions of some of the little kids-puppies dressed as comic book superheroes hit a lot of buzzers. And wore some of them clean out.

I got a chance to play paparazzi, with the front man for Arcade Fire on the balcony across the street and then on the street a few feet away. Where the stars come out to play?

We walked back along Bourbon to the R Bar, and joined in the post-parade nonsense for a bit, meeting some very perplexed Illinoisans who had lost their hotel after a long travel day and a bit of unaccustomed day drinking. Six o’clock in the evening on a parade day in New Orleans is like 3 AM everywhere else. I think it was entirely outside of their experience to be asking for directions from masked and tattooed pirates drinking shots in a barber chair. Once they let go of the anxiety, they seemed to have fun.

We ended the night on Ellen’s porch. Another great Carnival day!

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