A fall weekend

It was a great weekend. Friday evening, the official Day of the Dead, I got some more ink. This time Jamie Ruth worked on the octopus with lots of red and orange. As has been the pattern, the area to be tattooed overwhelmed the time we had available, and we pumped lots of color into about half the critter before wearing out. Another three or four hours next week, and Jamie Ruth thinks maybe three more sessions after that. Getting close, but I think she is an optimist. The tattooing kicks up a histamine reaction as the skin rebels and I’m a little out of it for a couple of days. Friday night was a burger at Buffa’s and chilling.

Saturday was a clear cool day, and I took advantage to walk up to the grocery store and do some yard work. I filled a garbage can with leaves and sticks from the sidewalk along the building and sawed down some palm fronds that were banging against the side of the building. The highlight of that was banging my head hard against the air conditioner as I shoveled the leaves. Not a lot of blood, but a headache for a couple of hours.

Ken invited me to come out with the Touro Street crew to see James, a neighbor, play in a band at Bamboula’s on Frenchmen Street. Bamboula’s is a restaurant that has live music all day with a small jazz and blues oriented stage in the front of the house. I met with folks on Ellen’s porch, and they were dressed in glitter and sequins, wigs and makeup. I was a little more subdued. We got to the venue, and were directed down a side alley to a back room that I had not known existed. The band name was Glamarama, and the seven piece band covered glam rock, a lot of David Bowie. The lead singer was a man in his 60s, wearing heavy makeup and glitter who seemed to change costumes every three or four songs. His last and flashiest costume included a black and gold sequined tuxedo jacket like the one in my closet. I was almost ashamed to have missed the costuming memo. James, the Touro Street chef, played lead guitar, and Blythe, another neighbor, was a backup singer. She was dressed in a skin tight glittered and patterned jumpsuit, quite a change from her mild street persona. It was good to see a different side of all these folks.

I stopped in for a set from Big Sam’s Funky Nation at the Blue Nile in part to hear a different style of music before calling it a night. It was not too crowded, and a good show but a late night.

Sunday I walked over to the other end of the Quarter with my camera to take some photos of the the collapsed Hard Rock Cafe hotel on Rampart and Canal. The streets and streetcar lines are blocked off around the area, and it will continue to be a traffic problem for a while. It will be interesting to see how they deal with the mess as the lawyers get involved. I imagine the legal wrangling will last decades, but they can’t really leave the hazardous building up for long. Already people are getting frustrated with the disruption. I took the tour down to the new Sazarac House, closed on Sundays, but probably worth a return visit. The Chart Room was full, so I continued on to Johnny White’s where I ran into Ken and Cindy who were also on a stroll through the Quarter. Ken insisted on trying a Skrewball whiskey, a peanut butter flavored whiskey. The bartender suggested a layer of that with chambord for a peanut butter and jelly shot. I see a future happy hour concoction. Cindy is a fortune teller and general all round mystic, and as we worked our way back to the neighborhood she stopped in a voodoo shop for pieces and parts. I’d never been in a voodoo shop with a practitioner, so it was fun to see her skip right past the dolls and shrunken heads to sort through the incense to get just the right one for the altar.

I ran out of motivation, skipping the Frenchmen Street music scene for the evening in favor of wrestling with the photo management programs on the IPad. It is a little frustrating, but I think it will work okay eventually. Another tenant meeting this afternoon, hopefully finalizing the termite tenting, and a ticket to hear a band from Cuba at Snug Harbor on Thursday, followed by LSU vs. Alabama on Saturday and the Saints on Sunday on the Touro Street porch on the weekend.

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