All over but the shouting

It was a cold morning but I took the walk along the river to shop at Canal Place. A 15 minute walk from the new bohemia to the mall in America. After finding what I was looking for, I stopped at Mollies to work on photos for a bit, but instead got into a conversation with the bartender and a musician friend of his who had just returned from a Texas tour. The afternoon was filled with errands, picking up packages and making groceries.

I went to the Marigny Brasserie for a set of music from a pair of women harmonizing with a bass and drum set, apparently all originals. It seemed almost experimental rather than meant to be entertaining. I ate some portobello truffle mac and cheese, which hit the spot on a cool night. I sat next to a woman in her 70s who was wearing a leopard fur and was dripping in diamond tennis bracelets drinking martinis. She did not quite know what to make of the music, and I couldn’t offer any assistance.

The Touro/Royal/Kerlerec section was placarded for a TV shoot, NCIS New Orleans, and Frenchmen Street was full of film equipment and people. I suppose I should watch an episode to see what the neighborhood looks like on TV. DBA was closed for the evening and was all lit for the production. People were in and out of the other clubs, but it was an odd experience to have half the street taken up with generators, lighting, cables, and the food buffet, and the other half with the Young Fellaz brass band doing their thing. Quiet on the set?

Cecile was a little perturbed that she was not allowed to park in front of her house, and was ordered off her own front porch by the movie crews. I think she was more upset by the attitude of entitlement from the film staff—we’ve got a permit so we can take over your neighborhood for a day—than by the inconvenience. Manners are important.

I weaved my way through the film crews and equipment and ended up at Three Muses because I saw a bass player, a Japanese guy who plays with a number of traditional jazz bands I like, dragging his upright bass into the club. I will have to pay closer attention to his name the next time. I had another great cocktail at the bar, this time a riff on an old fashioned with good bourbon, honey, herbs, and orange. The bar setup is interesting because the “secret ingredients” are prepped beforehand and put in small bottles, labeled by drink. It takes some of the fun out of it because you can’t quite see what the bartender is up to, but the results are good. The music was good traditional jazz, with a clarinet lead and a violin to go with the bass and drum kit.

I ended up at the R-bar, where I met the Hank was Here crowd and Seker playing pool. It was good to see Chris after a week or so, and we made plans for the Saints game on Monday.

I had a deliberately mellow day, thinking about a long tattoo day to come. I cleaned the condo, moving the furniture and finding no nasty surprises, polishing furniture and the like. I started planning the holiday eating schedule, reminding myself of the restaurants I have been wanting to visit. There is no shortage of good food in the city. I read a couple of books, and had a good piece of redfish at Buffa’s. The fog came in overnight, and the foghorns from the ships on the river woke me as an unusual sound until I figured out what they were.

Tattooing is all over but the shouting, if shouting means healing and highlighting. I had another good bahn mi at Em Trai, this time smoked pulled pork. It was excellent, but perhaps I just like bahn mi. It is good to eat before a tattoo. This was a hard session, but I am done with long ones, with a highlight/detail hour or so to come after Mardi Gras. I am excited to have this heal and be done with this project. I’ll try to respect the healing and have a mellow weekend. On to Christmas!

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