Salmon on the Grill

It continued hot and relatively pleasant, with a breeze blowing. Locals were exclaiming that if it only could stay like this for more than a month out of the year they would be happy. Many are making plans or just having fantasies about pulling the plug for the summer. I am hearing a lot of Alaska envy.

The project for the week was tattooing. I sat for 5 1/2 hours, perhaps a new record for me. Jamie Ruth has a plan, and now we are in the paint by numbers phase, and only she know where the numbers are. We will try to get the background color done before I take the long break for the summer in Alaska and work on the creatures and the details when I get back to the city. This day it was the black shading and scalloping to give the borders definition. I am liking how it is coming along. Blue is next, filling in some of the wave shapes. I added a heart shape in solidarity with the Rothwell girls after the big stuff was done, and got the “Are you sure you want more? You know you can come back” question from Jamie Ruth. It was a long day.

That evening and the next day I took it fairly easy, but cooked a big piece of king salmon on the charcoal grill to share with Susie and our new neighbor Steve. The fish turned out great despite being a little the worse for wear from the freezer and thawing maybe once too many times during travel. Lime juice and Tony’s creole seasoning made for a nice jerkish finish. It really hit the spot. I might be getting ready to head back to the ocean.

Mark Ingram left the Saints for Baltimore in normal free agent fashion, so I bought a Ingram II jersey before that becomes impossible. It was really fun to meet him in the team store this fall, and he seemed like a solid team player who will be missed. I hadn’t remembered that he had won the Heisman Trophy, and it will be good to have a souvenir of his presence.

On to St. Patrick’s Day! Maybe photos tonight for the Jim Monahan memorial through the quarter, but we will see who is out and about, uptown Saturday for the Irish Channel craziness, and back to Decatur for the Downtown Irish on Sunday. Then I will try to find some Indians on St. Joseph’s Day in the neighborhood, this time with a camera.

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